Go Farm PRO! Harvest in the blue moon : The business of farming simulation


Welcome to Go Farm! This is a beautiful and fun farm simulator that lets you become an amazing farmer. Show the world how can you tend to your farm. Just tap on the screen to plant, grow and harvest the crops. This is a great chance to master your management skills because in this game you will able to organize the entire supply chain from the crops to end products. You'll have to work hard, give the business strategy to achieve your goals, take a huge profit and develop your business grow.
- Build and upgrade your farm. Attention to plant, cattle's health and heal it. Sell or improve your field/barn/pond to expand your farm.
- Buy and upgrade machines in your factory. Fix machine which is broken, or sell machine which you think it is unnecessary.
- Hire and train staffs. Take care all of your staffs to help them feel better.
- Gift to your customers. Research and develop your technology to improve productivity. Make market research, product marketing, and allocate time for R&D (Research & Development)
- Get a special gifts and new items, buildings after you completed missions.

Have you ever desired to become a Business Tycoon Hero? Now, you can!
Come to the Farm Business, you will become a Boss to manage all aspects of your business: crop, livestock, produce and sale.

Farm Day Features:
+ Grow and harvest crops
+ Establish a factory and produce products
+ Hire staff and sell products in your shop
+ Complete 50 unique missions
+ Share and connect with friends through Facebook, Google+
+ Receive daily gifts.

The beautiful graphics and sounds effects provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere.
Join the farming world today!

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