Survival: Wicked Forest


Survival: The Wicked Forest.

After awakening in a forest cold and helpless, your mission is to survive. Forage the forest for crafting items, or scavenge scattered buildings to help your survivor cope with the dangers of The Wicked Forest. Beware the night, powerful lurking creatures will come until dawn.

Build up your own world by crafting shelters, buildings, water pumps, weapons or invade other worlds to steal supplies. Of all the dangers in The Dead Forest, be aware of others players. Will they be friend or foe? What will you be when you join another players world? Are they there to help you build your world or to steal your supplies and resources. Resources are fixed and will not replenish. Protect what you have. Play up to 12 players per world.

NOTICE! The Wicked Forest requires a network connection. iPhone 5 and equivalent and above.

-Full online open world multiplayer
-Maintain hunger, thirst, health, and stamina.
-Create and defend your own world or invade another
-3rd Person/First person view
-Craft over 100 items
-Over 30 melee and firearm weapons
-Full building mechanics. Build wooden or stone forts and tents to shield you from the elements.
-Mining ores
-Scavenging system that includes entering buildings and looting items.
-RPG elements: Select a class, level up your character, and increase skills.
-Battle against hunters, undead, and other players.
-Full day/night cycle.
-Weather effects: Rain and fog.
-Complex backpack and inventory system.
-Customizable character clothing: Hats, shirts, pants, eyes, and shoes.

-Optional missions.

From the developer of Barren Roads.
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